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22 November 2026 @ 12:51 pm
I know this is so late,

Keiba-Chan Desu! Call me ANYA!
I'm in college and I'm taking up BS PSYCHOLOGY


dancing..I enjoy dancing..i really do! <3
I write stories, I seldom write poems and songs.
I can sing but I don't have a golden voice.

I watching movies, dramas and music videos. Specially Dance Videos.

I Listening to POP, PUNK, ROCK and DANCEABLE musics.

Jasmine Meakins!! COOL \m/

 Rina and Riho and Daishii and Sakura.



   Let's all be friends!!! >_<"
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19 January 2025 @ 12:08 pm
So here are the list of all my fics.

ANYA'S FICSCollapse )

I'm still starting to write new fics.
So pardon if it's Me always.
I made Anya alot more different from the real me. So it's 40% Me. 60% Not Me. =))
Yuka is my best friend.
Anyways, i would be glad if you comment to those stories.
Negative or positive, no worries. It'll help me write a good ones in the future.

HERE!: Terrace`
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02 November 2013 @ 09:08 pm
keiba_chan is now moving to the mushroom chronicles

well, i will not be expecting you guys to seriously visit my blog. i'm just posting it here though. ^^
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07 June 2013 @ 09:40 pm

"coz i'm dreaming of you tonight...
You showed me a note with a big 'I LOVE YOU' below...
I read them while you held my hands slowly...
But unfortunately, my reverie fades away swiftly."

i know that can't be a song nor a poem. i don't know what got into me, i just wanted to write those... i'm a FRUSTRATED WRITER. =)))
it's been a while since i've updated this blog. goodness, i hope my updates will not vanish into thin air...(if ever internet world have air)

(...just a thought, maybe there are monsters in the internet world? ummm, digimons? xD)

okey so i have completed 335 hours of OJT out of 400 hours.
i'm happy! :D ya'know? supercalifragiliespialidocious. (is my spelling correct? anyone?)

so you have to know this! you ghost readers, if ever there are any...
i am spending the last remaining hours of my OJT in School of Saint Anthony..
right, where i graduated. :">
i was assisting the pre schoolers every morning... AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THEM! :">

so as i said, you have to hear me out and the cuteness of the kids..

*we were making vertical lines on their work book. i approached Earl (the smallest kid in class) and gave him a pencil. he don't know how to hold a pencil so i taught him and guide his hand in tracing the broken lines of vertical line. i told him to do it by himself, he made it. next vertical lines, they have to do it by themselves, i guided him again in doing the first two lines. after that i let him do it by himself. he did it perfectly in two lines after that the vertical lines he made became slanting lines. i told him it's not the proper line and here's what he answered...

"ayoko na, hindi naman ako marunong eh. hindi ako marunong"

(i just find it cute, allow me to share it to you)

**John, the hyper active kid, can't stay on one place..but the teacher is telling a story so ...

me: john, you have to stay and sit on your circle... teacher said you have to hide your circle right?"

john sits like an indian and looked at me..

me: very good john, now where is the bubble on your mouth and the fish on your lap?

john did it. but after 10 seconds...

me: where are you going? come here john sit down... (but he doesn't want) okeeey! come here baby... (pulled him gently and let him sit on my lap)

(magic! he didn't stood up, he was behave for the next 30 minutes) :3

***recess time,

^Ysabela: teacher teacher, you want a chocolate? (giving me a choco wafer)
Me: thank you baby ^^, (and get one)

i went to check on the other kids

Clark: teacher o, kuha ka po. (offered me his pillows choco snack)
Me: thanks clark, you are sweet.


****dismissal time!

Clark: teacher what is your name?
Me: i am miss frances, baby.
Clark: okey *hugged me* good bye miss frances.


Me: Braeden there's your daddy, bye now. o where's my hug?
Braeden: *kissed my cheeks* goodbye teacher


aaaah sweet little kids. who wouldn't fell in love in that kind of kids? sorry for the loooong post. :3
because of those kids, i just realized my greatest dream in life <3

to be able to build and establish my own play school :3 nursery and pre school.
i'm serious you guys. :">

so bye before you even think i'm crazy :p

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20 February 2013 @ 11:28 am
i missed you so much.
and i don't care if i have a second one.
you're the only one, no matter how many times they bash you in front of me.
for me, you are the only perfect mother i had and will always have.
and no one can replace you.

even if they don't want to celebrate your special day.
i'll still will.
i don't need them.
i don't need anyone.

she don't have that something to be you.
she don't understand me like you do understand me.
she don't have that mother instinct you had.

i love you so much mom.
that i regret saying that to you.
i regret not being proud to have you.

the place where you've gone,
i wish i can go with you.
i miss you so much.
that i want to follow you.
i love you so much.
and that will be forever mom.

happy 50th birthday to you.
wherever you are. 
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25 December 2012 @ 06:44 pm

hi everyone!
how was your day?

i believe you enjoyed it. as for me, i did enjoy..playing with my inaanak. :p and i also enjoyed eating like everyone else. :3 i wish my weight will stay the same by the end of the holiday. \(>n<)/

i hope you guys did not forget to pray. :">

it's not just christmas. :3 Jesus was born today, remember?

so go ahead and pray.

Happy Holidays! :3 
Love lots.

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18 November 2012 @ 09:36 pm
This is nice.
I have few...uhh.. a lot of sticky notes in my organizer as of now.. and yes, you are right. none of the notes is done yet. >)
oh yeah, i'm the procrastinating princess! hooray!

I AM STILL FRUSTRATED ABOUT THAT NATIONAL BOOKSTORE WAREHOUSE SALE IN QUEZON AVE!!!!! :|  No one wants to come with me, but that's not the point.. -_- i don't have budget for that book sale. i am awesome, i am great.. 

And my school stuffs are scattered beside me. :)) Time CHECK: 9:13 PM. CLASS TOMORROW: 10:00 AM. ESTIMATED TIME OF MY ADVENTURE: 1 1/2 - 2 hours ......... KAARTEHAN SA PAG AAYOS: 1 hour.. Come on Sami, be lazy going online! :D

I think i'm lazy because...no Lee Min Hoo the other day. No LMH a while ago.. Poor Me. Yet my cousin HarYET saw him up close and personal...wait a minute.. he's on stage, and they are meters away.. forget the 'few' again. -_- but still... JEALOUS. :|

One week.. but then, 7 people sent their random PERSONAL MESSAGE for me. :)) they missed me.. :">
"Sira sirang cellphone + walang load = walang paki silbi!"
I don't know... :)) but i'm loving this... no cellphone! :">

Wanna go to banchetto guys?

I see this is pointless..
BYE! :))

oh! and.. :""> 

i miss you Dine
03 November 2012 @ 09:46 am
oh yeay! sembreak is nearing it's end.
and all did was sleep, sleep, sleep, uuh.. sleep..eat, and gain weight. -_-

i don't know but these past days, my mind was set on structuring a new article.,
i know there are lots of ghost readers in this blog.. 
especially to my fanfics. -_- comment guys, please.

Nov.3 made it's way too harsh, yea last night Rain bit me.
owyea, it did. :c
so here i am, with my arm and my legs hurt.
because of the injectionsssss. (with loads of S)

and i still want to make you laugh guys,.
a while ago, my pinky was stuck in a moving electric fan.
In tagalog, naipit, in other words, KATANGAHAN~ :D

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01 September 2012 @ 11:24 am

As a young girl, buying mama a gift for mother’s day was a big problem. Reminiscing how I bought my first gift for her makes me smile. I remember so well how I panicked about looking for a perfect gift. I was scared that time, thinking that my savings was not enough to purchase something. Looking back though, I feel a little proud, considering that it was also my first time to go out alone.
Everything happened 8 years ago. With just P50 on my pocket, I was worried that I might not get what my mom preferred –anything yellow, pretty and simple. I got even more worried seeing the prices of gift ideas ranging from P65-P150. Everything felt impossible and I was about to lose hope, when something caught my attention. A green-black bracelet! I knew it was far from yellow, but something about this bracelet attracted me and made me want to buy it. It looked so cute to me and it only cost around P45. Suddenly I didn’t care if it’s not yellow; I liked how green it was and how appealing it was to me. So I bought it. How I thought it would match my mama’s complexion finalized my decision.
I was so happy then, so proud of myself that at last I bought something for my mama out of my own savings. It was way too cool for me that time, especially that I found saving so troublesome even until now.
Now, seeing Ma’am Joy’s  FB post of a picture her daughter took for her, and reading what she thinks that “beauty is really not just something you see; it's something you give...” made me think of this past experience and how I was able to pick a gift.  The bracelet was beautiful in my own eyes and therefore to me was worth giving. Beauty is something we give an object by the way we see it and then it is something we enhance by sharing it or giving it to others. Now the bracelet became not only beautiful to me, but certainly to my Mom’s eyes too. Carla thought the flower was beautiful, so she carefully took a picture of it which she thought her Momma would like, and her Momma did see how beautiful it all was – not just the picture but her act of giving it to her.
I did become proud of myself that I can spend money for someone so special to me. But seeing this picture from Ma’am Joy’s daughter made me realize that, it doesn’t matter how much you spend or how beautiful your gift will be. It’s the miracle of giving. Something you give becomes special just by the act of giving itself.  When you give it from the bottom of your heart, when it symbolizes how you feel about the person and what she/he means to you, any gift becomes really special.  Even if I gave my mama a handmade bracelet, now I realize she will still be so thankful, cause Mothers see not just the gift but the giver and how special the act and effort of giving means. 

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19 July 2012 @ 12:26 am
iyuuuuh~ epic day is epic. :D

-yes! i have a best friend. and she missed me.. she makes paramdam awhile ago. =_=
-with that, i decided to sleep. but when i make ligpit my stuffs...Dad woke up... cool, i was just about to sleep then. >D
-no one woke me up, even it's already 11:30AM. even my alarm clock didn't bother to do so. :P but i realized, class starts at 6PM. :DD
-"jealousy is vanity" -sir pete
-someone called in the middle of 1PM to tell me to go to school early. :D
-i became uto uto and followed.
-journey to school as early as 2pm.
-26 pages for 48 php. Not Bad.
-reminisce. unwind. get hurt. again and again. location: the memorable Patio Trinidad.
-because POP QUIZ in GUIDANCE is too mainstream:">
*scene: (le us taking the quiz, le classroom was quiet and le me was making small noise and bothering shakes)
JEKAI: gulo mo, nakakabother ka.
well atleast i got 86%!!! high score. :P
-because PRELIMS IN EDUC.PSYCH is again, too mainstream. :">
-July 30 = meet the freshest editorial staffs. *cross fingers*
-mwua mwua tsup tsup Mama Joy for calling me Joy also. :"> because I inherited your name, beauty and brains. KILL ME NOW.
-COLD huh?
-Walking with No sense of Direction in Gateway in it's almost closing time. :p
-Walking and talking about NonSenseThings.
-LE BUS EATS THE GUY WHO KEEPS LOOKING AT ME. i became matapang and make titig at him. but eventually saw my cellphone, este his cellphone that looks exactly just like mine. AWKWARD~ stay on my pocket my dear cellphone don't you dare go out. =]] and again, eventually saw my USB...errr, his USB again (too much use of again) that looks LIKE mine...hey dude, i just wanted to ask you... are you... uhhh.. some kind of a sorcerer? :D
-le me walks home, with Randolf's look alike behind,
-me netbook was sleeping for more than 5hours. =_=
-eat for more than 30 minutes.
-nice news feed! lol.
-continue procrastinating Prans, keep it up D:

the end
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